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Как удобнее работать с буфером обмена как с последовательностью байт?

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Используя потоки -

    unit ClipStrm;

This unit is Copyright (c) Alexey Mahotkin 1997-1998 and may be used freely for any purpose. Please mail your comments to E-Mail: alexm@hsys.msk.ru FidoNet: Alexey Mahotkin, 2:5020/433
This unit was developed during incorporating of TP Lex/Yacc into my project. Please visit ftp://ftp.nf.ru/pub/alexm or FREQ FILES from 2:5020/433 or mail me to get hacked version of TP Lex/Yacc which works under Delphi 2.0+. }

interface uses Classes, Windows;

TClipboardStream = class(TStream) private FMemory : pointer; FSize : longint; FPosition : longint; FFormat : word; public constructor Create(fmt : word); destructor Destroy; override;
function Read(var Buffer; Count : Longint) : Longint; override; function Write(const Buffer; Count : Longint) : Longint; override; function Seek(Offset : Longint; Origin : Word) : Longint; override; end;
implementation uses SysUtils;

constructor TClipboardStream.Create(fmt : word);
tmp : pointer; FHandle : THandle; begin
FFormat := fmt; OpenClipboard(0); FHandle := GetClipboardData(FFormat); FSize := GlobalSize(FHandle); FMemory := AllocMem(FSize); tmp := GlobalLock(FHandle); MoveMemory(FMemory, tmp, FSize); GlobalUnlock(FHandle); FPosition := 0; CloseClipboard; end;

destructor TClipboardStream.Destroy;
FreeMem(FMemory); end;

function TClipboardStream.Read(var Buffer; Count : longint) : longint;
FPosition + Count > FSize then Result := FSize - FPosition else Result := Count; MoveMemory(@Buffer, PChar(FMemory) + FPosition, Result); Inc(FPosition, Result); end;

function TClipboardStream.Write(const Buffer; Count : longint) : longint;
FHandle : HGlobal; tmp : pointer; begin
ReallocMem(FMemory, FPosition + Count); MoveMemory(PChar(FMemory) + FPosition, @Buffer, Count); FPosition := FPosition + Count; FSize := FPosition; FHandle := GlobalAlloc(GMEM_MOVEABLE or GMEM_SHARE or GMEM_ZEROINIT, FSize); try tmp := GlobalLock(FHandle); try MoveMemory(tmp, FMemory, FSize); OpenClipboard(0); SetClipboardData(FFormat, FHandle); finally GlobalUnlock(FHandle); end; CloseClipboard; except GlobalFree(FHandle); end; Result := Count; end;

function TClipboardStream.Seek(Offset : Longint; Origin : Word) : Longint;
Origin of 0 : FPosition := Offset; 1 : Inc(FPosition, Offset); 2 : FPosition := FSize + Offset; end; Result := FPosition; end;



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